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Lockjaw by Zerox Dreamflesh – front coverLockjaw

by Zerox Dreamflesh

Lockjaw (1983) was the most fully realised Zerox Dreamflesh project: A5, perfect-bound, part book, part magazine, part cultural terror manual.
Lockjaw was produced in a small run of a few hundred copies using a mix of two-colour xerography, offset and screen printing, and was collated and bound by hand. It was sold in independent bookshops, galleries, music stores and through the mail-art network.
Lockjaw is a multi-layered mix of photocopy, cut-and-paste graphics and text – a mashup of the intellectual and cultural world of 1982. The dense layering of words and images reflects an equally dense intellectual and emotional layering. It’s difficult to read, but rewarding, the writing a mix of metafiction, reflection, edgy philosophy, cultural journalism and existential comedy splashed across its pages.

This reissue of Lockjaw is a co-publication of Telephone Publishing and Surpllus. The book has been scanned from an original copy and been reproduced by risograph – a 21st century analog to early-1980s photocopy art.

This new edition includes a separate section with essays by George Alexander and Professor Ross Gibson, an introduction by Sonya Jeffery, and a reflection on the impact of Lockjaw on one reader by Matt Holden.

215mm X 160mm, 196 pages, paperback.

ISBN 978-0-9924587-1-3.


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VogliamoTutto-Cover-1Vogliamo Tutto

by Nanni Balestrini

The novel of Italy’s hot autumn

“Noi vogliamo tutto: We want everything – all the wealth, all the power, and no work.”

Torino, 1969. Fiat’s giant Mirafiori plant is a magnet for thousands of young southern workers, who go north to escape oppression, poverty and underdevelopment and find only exploitation and abuse on the assembly lines. “Vogliamo tutto” – “We want everything” – is the chant of angry workers in the wildcat strikes during this season of rebellion that sparked a decade of political upheaval in Italy. And Vogliamo tutto is the story of one young southerner’s experiences, a story of emigration, the revolt against work and the birth of political consciousness.

Drawing on interviews, flyers and the movement’s bulletins, Nanni Balestrini documents these workers’ experiences on the factory floor, in the meetings and demonstrations and, finally, at the barricades to create a poetic remix of a novel, a searching documentary and a call to arms for a just society.

“Only Balestrini … has succeeded in reconciling the tragic-epic spirit of the revolutionary movement and the ironic-combinatorial spirit of literary experimentation … Vogliamo tutto is probably the most important Italian literary work of the 1960s.” – Franco Berardi (Bifo)

ISBN 9780992458706


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