Lockjaw by Zerox Dreamflesh

New from Telephone Publishing in May 2016

“A nibble of pain runs thru the western world.”

Lockjaw by Zerox Dreamflesh – front cover

Zerox Dreamflesh (1979–1984) worked in the underground and around the edges – but mostly against the grain of – Sydney’s early-1980s postmodern philosophy and art scenes.
Dreamflesh was a loose group of writers, graphic artists and musicians who would have rejected the term “collective” in favour of something more like, say, “gang”. Their names were Tim Pigott, Will Soeterboek, Hardie Tucker and John Laidler. They produced a series of ’zine-ish print objects, music cassettes, colour Xerox postcards and a Super 8 film (The Black Cat, a riff on an Edgar Allen Poe story), working loosely – sometimes all together, sometimes not.
Their work was oppositional, not very accessible (though when you got it, you really got it), and always inspired and inspiring.
Lockjaw by Zerox Dreamflesh – spread from Parts UnknownLockjaw (1983) – their fourth print object – was the most fully realised Dreamflesh project: A5, perfect-bound, part book, part magazine, part cultural terror manual.
Lockjaw was produced in a small run of a few hundred copies using a mix of two-colour xerography, offset and screen printing, and was collated and bound by hand. It was sold in independent bookshops, galleries, music stores and through the mail-art network.
Lockjaw is a multi-layered mix of photocopy, cut-and-paste graphics and text – a mashup of the intellectual and cultural world of 1982. The dense layering of words and images reflects an equally dense intellectual and emotional layering. It’s difficult to read, but rewarding, the writing a mix of metafiction, reflection, edgy philosophy, cultural journalism and existential comedy splashed across its pages.
Lockjaw by Zerox Dreamflesh – Christopher Lee spreadDreamflesh’s work was produced in the spirit of Situationism and punk rock – it was not meant to last. Their physical traces today are scant: leftover copies of Lockjaw and their other publications stashed on bookshelves and in boxes under people’s beds: Zerox #1, Zerox #2, La La Sequence Bruit and Cargo, some colour Xerox postcards, and several music cassettes, including Wampum, a companion to Cargo.
This reissue of Lockjaw is a co-publication of Telephone Publishing and Surpllus. The book has been scanned from an original copy and been reproduced by risograph – a 21st century analog to early-1980s photocopy art.
This new edition includes a separate section with essays by George Alexander and Professor Ross Gibson, an introduction by Sonya Jeffery, and a reflection on the impact of Lockjaw on one reader by Matt Holden.

Lockjaw. Zerox Dreamflesh, 1983. Reprinted 2016. $39.95. 
215mm X 160mm, 196 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0-9924587-1-3.

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